SS Resin & Hardener

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DF-R135 Resin / DF-H235 Hardener

Super Strength Epoxy Resin


  • Super strength epoxy adhesive
  • fast curing system


  • Cost Effective System
  • Can bond almost any substance
  • No shrinkage

Resin & Hardener Mixing Ratio

  • 100 : 80 by weight
  • 100 : 100 by volume

SKU – Pack Size
450gm, 900gm, 1.8Kg, 9 kg


  • Civil Industries
  • Sports Goods
  • Wood Industries
  • Handicraft
  • Marble and Granite Joints

Method of Application
Surface preparation: The adherents must be thoroughly degreased with a good degreasing solvent (e.g. toluene, acetone trichloroethylene) to remove dust, oil and other dirt to make the surface clean and abraded with coarse emery paper or chemically etched. surface containing dirt may not bond adequately.

Application: The mixed mass is applied by brush or spatula on the surface to be adhered. The mix must be used within its pot life.

Curing: Curing normally takes place at room temperature within about 24 hours depending on the temperature but may be accelerated by the application of heat.

Spills and disposal: In case of spills, sweep up and shovel the spilled material. Keep spilled material in suitable, closed containers for disposal. Soak up with an absorbent such as clay, sand or other suitable material. Flush area with water to remove trace residue. Do not allow the product to reach the sewage system. Waste must be disposed of in accordance with federal, state or local regulations, as applicable.

Safety: Wear personal protective equipment (PPE). Avoid contact with the eyes and skin. In case of direct contact and irritation, it should be washed off immediately with soap and warm water. Avoid breathing vapours, mist or gas.