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3K Decorative multi colour anti slip epoxy flooring

Product Description

D+ SCREPO is based on carefully selected solventless Epoxy resin composition. It is a three component system consisting of base, hardener and hard wearing colour quartz. It is a self levelling composition and forms an anti – slip, attractive, hygienic, hard wearing and chemical resistant floor topping.


  • Hygienic-It provides jointless flooring making it dust free and is easy to clean because of smooth surface.
  • Chemical Resistant – It has excellent chemical resistance to most chemicals
  • Wear Resistant- It provides a tough floor topping to withstand foot and light vehicular traffic.
  • Aesthetics-It is available in various colour shades to provide attractive floor finish.

D+ SCREPO is recommended for use where extremely hygienic, abrasion, chemical resistant and dust free environment is required. It is ideally suited for following industries.

  • Beverage Industry
  • Food Courts
  • Airport Kitchen
  • Food Processing Industries
  • Meat processing areas


  • Average Thickness : 3-4 mm
  • Application : Serrated Trowel
  • Finish : Gloss / Semi Gloss
  • Pot Life @ 30°C : 25-30 mins
  • Bond strength to concrete : Exceeds Tensile strength of concrete
  • Hardness, Shore D : >80
  • Curing Time :
  • Initial Cure – 6 hours
  • Full Mech. Cure – 48 hours
  • Ready for use To walk – 24hrs
  • To light traffic – 48 hrs
  • Full Chemical Cure – 7 days
  • Mixing Ratio – As supplied.
  • Pack size – Pre weighed kits