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D+ Pro Coat 2k Pu
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D+ Pro Coat 2k Pu
D+PRO COAT 2K PU is a tough protective paint applied on exterior and interior structures that are exposed to extreme weather such as scorching heat, gusty winds and pouring rain. Polyurethane coating is highly resistant to such extreme weather conditions and it provides excellent durability combined with good aesthetics. It should be applied for long – term protection of the substrate where significantly lower maintenance is required. D+PRO COAT 2K PU Procoat a two – component acrylic polyol and aliphatic isocynate based polyurethane coating designed to protect the base waterproof layer as well as decorate the substrate.

  • UV Resistant : Protects the base epoxy layer, there by increases the life of structure
  • Abrasion Resistant Does not tear and wear easily, thus providing longer life
  • Temperature Reduction White PU coating reflects sunlight, helping reduce inside temperature
  • Weather Resistant Protects the structure from extreme weather conditions
  • Dirt Resistant Resists dirt pick-up and can be easily washed off by water to maintain the original lustre and colour of coating
  • Glossy Effect And Colour Retention Increases aesthetic appeal of structure
Parameters D+Pro Coat 2K Pu Acrylic based paint
UV resistance Excellent Good
Abrasion resistance High Low
Tensile strength High Low
Adhesion strength Strong Moderate
Elongation at break Good Average
Solar reflective index (SRI) Excellent Good
Chemical resistance Good Average
Fungus and algae resistance Good Good
Gloss High Low
Weather resistant Excellent Good
Longevity 6 – 9 years 5 – 7 years
Water resistance Good Average

Recommended Uses :
A high performance polymeric finish system developed for the long term protection of all type of structures such as concrete, brick work, plaster, steel, aluminum & galvanized steel sterile areas hospitals pharmaceuticals food, drug industries residential & commercial buildings internal / external hygienic wall coating etc.
Areas of Application

  • Stir the resin and hardener separately
  • If setting is observed in the resin, loosen the settled material with the help of a hand stirrer
  • Mix hardener gradually into the resin under continuous stirring in a ration of 4:1 (resin : hardenr) with the help of a power driven stirrer until a homogenous paste is achieved
  • Ensure that the substrate is dry, clean and free of contaminants such as oil and grease
  • In case of aged epoxy or PU coating, the surface should be sufficiently roughened prior to coating
  • Apply a suitable epoxy primer
  • Application can be done in 1 or 2 coats depending upon the substrate.

Technical Specification :

  • Composition Acrylic polyol resin with isocyanate hardener with suitable pigmentation
  • Colour Available in various shades
  • Gloss Glossy
  • Volume solids Approximately 45%
  • Mixing ratio 4:1 (resin : hardener)
  • Theoretical covering capacity* 11.2 -15 m2/ltr
  • Pot life at 25°C 6-8 hour
  • Surface dry : 1 hour
  • Drying time at 30°C Surface dry : 1 hour
    Hard dry:16-hour
    Full cure : 7 days
  • Recommended DFT/ coat 30 – 40 microns
  • Flash point Resin: 24°C
    Hardener: 24°C

*Coverage may very depending upon the surface conditions