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2K Water based epoxy coating

Product Description

D+ PREPO WB is two pack water based epoxy coating. It has excellent adhesion to cementitious surface and when cured forms a hard, flexible, semi – gloss film to seal concrete and other substrates. Two coats are recommended after a primer coat on properly cleaned concrete.


  • Easy to lay : Simple brush or roller application
  • Chemical resistance : Good resistance to oil and chemicals
  • Durability : Good resistance to abrasion
  • Totally seals the concrete surface preventing dusting.
  • Ease of cleaning : Can be washed and cleaned easily.

As a jointless, tough coat on Cementitious surfaces to provide a dust proof and more easily cleaned surface with resistance to penetration of oil, water and chemicals. Suitable for indoor car parks, water tanks, floors of warehouses, industrial buildings etc.


  • Pot Life @ 25°C : 30 mins
  • Application : Brush/Roller
  • Drying Time :
  • Surface Dry 4-6 hours
  • Hard Dry Overnight
  • Intercoat intervals : 12 hours
  • Hardness, Shore D : 75-80
  • Recommended no. of coats : 2 minimum
  • DFT Recommended : 250-300 microns/ kg per coat depending on porosity
  • Mixing Ratio As supplied.
  • Pack size Pre weighed kits