D+ Premium SBR 111

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Premium SBR 111
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D+ Premium SBR 111

D+ PREMIUM SBR 111 Latex is based on styrene butadiene latex. it is a ready to use bonding agent in liquid consistency. D+ PREMIUM SBR 111 latex is used for repair of floors columns chhajjas slabs beams and water proofing of terraces ,toilets bathrooms etc, as it bonds strongly to old and new concrete and plasters it Prevents Cracking pick up dust improves abrasion resistance and reduces shrinkage .
Area of Application : Bonding agent between old concrete and new concrete, concrete repairs, floor toppings, bonding of screed and renders, waterproofing of tanks and pools.
Method of Aplication: Surface preparation – All substrates be cleaned & free of dust, plaster, oil, point, grease, corrosion deposites & any other laiternce.
Cleaning should be done by wire brush or other mechanical means
Solid Content : 45%
Packing details: 500 ml, 1ltr, 5ltr, 20ltr container
Storage & Shelf life : 24 Months in original packing.

Crack Repairing D PREMIUM SBR 111 10ltr : White Cement 50kg
Renders, Patching & Crack Repairing Mortar D PREMIUM SBR 111 10ltr : Cement 50kg : Sand 125kg : water to get desired consistency
Water Proofing Coating D+ PREMIUM SBR 111
4ltr : Water 1ltr :
Cement 7kg (white or grey)