D+ Grout Admixture

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D+ Grout Admixture
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Construction chemical

D+ Grout Admixture
A synthetic polymer emulsions for use with cement based grouts. Suitable for use in interior and exterior locations in both dry and wet service conditions. D+ GROUT ADMIXTURE is a polymer additive for cement-based grouts. Not for use with adhesives. This admixture is manufactured under an approved quality assurance system conforming as per BS EN ISO 9002

Areas of Application :

  • For internal and external use, in domestic, commercial and industrial applications for street furniture
  • In environments subject to heavy use
  • Natural stone, agglomerate materials, marble Flooring and walls
  • Suitable for use as an additive in cement-based grouts
  • Suitable to grout homogeneous tiles, low thickness slabs, ceramic tiles, klinker, cotto
  • glass and ceramic mosaic of all types and formats
  • Swimming pools, tanks and fountains, for grouting deformable substrates, also in areas subject to thermal shock and freezing

Features & Benefits :

  • Does not alter workability, ease of cleaning and interval before normal use
  • Improves water repellence and surface hardness
  • Increases the flexibility of grouts, guaranteeing the continuity of coverings
  • laid on deformable substrates or subject to thermal expansion increases adherence
  • Professional elastomeric latex

Water-based flexibilizing agent for normal and rapid-setting mineral grouts
Method of Application :
For most applications dilute 1 part D+ Grout Admixture with 2 parts water use the D+ Grout
Admixture : water blend to replace the gauging water when preparing the grout for use.
Coverage : Depends upon the dosages.
Packaging : 100 ml / 1 ltr
Technical Specification :

  • Colors White liquid
  • Dosage 100 ml / 1 kg of polymer grout
  • Dosage 1 ltr / 10 kg of polymer grout
  • Ph 9.5 (alkaline)
  • Viscosity 14 mPas, rotor 1 RPM 100 Brookfield Method,
  • Spindle no 4, rpm 100 tem. 25° C
  • Solids content 46 1%
  • Temperature range From + 5° C to + 45° C