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Construction chemical


CRACK & FIX is a room temperature curing epoxy system suitable for concrete primer, epoxy Injection grouts, epoxy mortars, repairing compound and as binder between old and new concrete. Low mix viscosity of system permits high filler loading and exhibit outstanding mechanical and chemical resistance properties. It is a multipurpose system for various civil Applications.
Advantages : Primer, Grout, Mortar/Screed, Self leveling floors sealing of cracks in concrete structure Coating of civil structure, anti corrosive coating for steel bars.
Area of Application : Excellent adhesion to metal and concrete, Very low shrinkage contributing to good dimensional stability, High mechanical strength, both tensile and compressive, good vibration damping properties, Resistance to oil, fuels and many chemicals.
Material Properties:
DF-R105 (Crack & Fix) resin

Description Clear Liquid
Color GS Gerdener Max 1
Viscosity@25 C mPas Brookfield 500 – 800
Epoxy Value Eq / kg 5.5 – 5.5
EEW Gm / eq 181 – 192

DF-h205 (Crack & Fix) hARDENER

Description Brownish Yellow Liquid
Color GS Gerdener Max 9
Viscosity@25 C mPas Brookfield 12000 – 22000
Amine Value mgKOH / gm 370 – 410

Process properties

Mixing Ratio w / w 100 : 50
Pot Life minutes 95 – 110
Mix Viscosity@25 C mPas 100 – 120
Specific gravity (mix) 180 – 190
Tensile Strength (A1 – A1) Kg / cm2 75 – 100

STEP 1: SURFACE PREPARATION The adherents must be thoroughly degreased with a good degreasing solvent (e.g. toluene, acetone tri-chloroethlylene) and abraded with coarse emery paper or chemically etched. Inadequately pre-treated substrates may not bond satisfactorily.
STEP 2: APPLICATION Mix the resin and hardener until it forms a uniform mass. Apply thin coat of the mixture on both the surfaces, the mixed mass can be applied by brush or spatula on the surface to be adhered. Join the surfaces and apply pressure using tapes, clamps or bands. Remove the pressure after 6 8 hours. Full strength is achieved within 24 hours. The mix must be used within its pot-life. For Best Results: Roughen, dry and degrees surfaces to be bonded.
STEP 3: CURING Curing normally takes place at room temperature within about 24 hours depending on the ambient temperature but may be accelerated by the application of heat.
Storage and Handling : The resin and hardener, when stored in their original containers and not exposed to undue heat or humidity as in outdoor open shades, will have a minimum shelf life of 2 years. As far as possible, direct contact of resin and hardener with the skin should be avoided as they might cause irritant on sensitive skins. It is advisable to wash off immediately in case of skin contact. Special barrier creams and cleansing creams are available commercially as additional safe guards. Please refer MSDS for detail safety instructions.
Packaging : 1.5 kg (Resin 1kg / Hardener 500 gms)
7.5 kg (Resin 5kg / Hardener 2.5kg)